Merhabalar herkese. Yeni ve güzel bir yazıyla daha karşınızdayım. Bugün sizlere mobil uygulama geliştirme süreçlerinde kritik olan bir konudan, mimarilerden bahsedeceğim.

Do you want to customize title and subtitle of UIAlertController? First of all, let’s see what UIAlertController means.

What is UIAlertController?

An object that displays an alert message to the user.

…an alert can include:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Button
  • One more button
  • TextField

In this article, we will see how to customize title and subtitle components.

Step 1: Let’s create a new function and enter a name this method.

  • We created an alert and added a button to this alert.

Step 2: Add a new method for attributed string.

What is NSAttributedString?

A string with associated attributes (such as visual style, hyperlinks, or accessibility data) for portions of its text.

attributedString() -> This method customizes the text, fontSize and color arguments with NSAttributedString.

Let’s look at the result.

Hello everyone! I’m here again with an article.

We will learn how to make an animated circular progress bar in this article. Well, what is circular progress bar?

Circular progress bars are a nice and compact way to visualize progress information for users of your iOS app.

Would you like to listen to your selected music on your own mobile app? Today, I will introduce you how to create your own music player in iOS. Let’s begin now.

How To Create This App?

Step 1: Create a new project in XCode.


Hello everyone. We will see Alamofire data management in this article. Let’s begin now.

What is Alamofire?

Alamofire is a Swift-based HTTP networking library for iOS and macOS. It provides an elegant interface on top of Apple’s Foundation networking stack that simplifies a number of common networking tasks.


Hello to all. Today I will introduce you an iOS project with Firebase Authentication. What is the Firebase and Firebase Authentication? Let’s take a look with together.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a toolkit and infrastructure that aims at supporting the process of building better applications and growing a successful business. More technically, it is a BAAS (short for Backend-as-a-service) which helps you to build better apps, websites, or games regardless of server-side coding, API or backend data storage.

What is Firebase Authentication?

Firebase Authentication provides backend services, easy-to-use SDKs, and ready-made UI libraries to authenticate users to your app. …

Hello everyone. I’m an iOS Developer. This is my first article for Medium. I searched for Koloda View on the internet but I couldn’t find enough resources. That’s why, I decided to write this article. Good codings :).

Let’s create the project first.

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